Military Room

Two display cases are dedicated to the Civil War with references to Hendricks County soldiers that served during that period. On display are items that were used in the conflict. A major feature is the Civil War uniform of Col. Abel Streight who escaped from a southern prison camp and with others made his way home to Indiana. A hands-on musket is available for the visitor to hold providing them a small idea what the soldier had to carry into battle.

Two separate cabinets offer items from World War 1 & World War II. A third cabinet has miscellaneous items from the Civil War to the Gulf War. Exhibits are changed periodically to offer the visitor new items for viewing. The Museum features the soldiers/sailors of both genders from Hendricks County and their exploits during their service for the United States from what they wore, what their duties were & even what they ate. These questions and many more can be answered by a visit to your Museums Military Room.


Photo Gallery

The following certificates are located at the museum:

Sons of the Veterans of the United States of America
September 20, 1887 - Camp 72
  • Ira J. Chase
  • George C. Harvey
  • H.M. Scearce
  • J.A. Dugan
  • W.M. Bales
  • T.B. Kelleher
  • P.Z. Cook
  • J.W. Ayers
  • Phil Hunt
  • Daniel Kelleher
  • Harvey Wills
  • Chet Scearce
  • E.W. Woods
  • William Cominger
  • William Stewart
May 29, 1914, Danville, IN - Camp 72
  • George L. Harvey
  • J.S. Marshell
  • William H Keeney
  • Roy H. Nichols
  • John W. Whyte
  • J.S. Reynolds
  • Otis E. Gulley
  • Ed B. Hall
  • Edwin R. Dawson
  • W.T. Marshall
  • Harry A. Wills
  • Charles Ayers
  • Charles S. Symons
  • Edgar M. Blessing
  • Julian D. Holgate
  • Elmer L. Fuson
  • G.W. Shelton
  • Amos Harvey
  • Clark W. Howell
  • Charles Z. Cook
  • Chester A. Weaver
  • Edwin A Scearce
  • Addison Abner
  • Harry Long
  • James V. Cook
  • Harry E. Curtis
  • Eugene Woods
  • Cly R. Humston
  • Grant Henderson
  • M.D. Cominger
  • Walter Gxoner
  • John F. Reeder
  • Howard Mitchell
  • John T. Walters


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