Central Normal College

Visit the Central Normal Room and learn about how it becane Canterbury College in Danville, Indiana.  Where did it originate?  From Ladoga, Indiana!

Sheriff's Office

​The sheriff maintained his main office at the court house. On the weekends and evenings he used a room within the home. There is a set of keys used in the building, a pocket watch belonging to William Shane the father of Sheriff Albert Shane along with other items from former sheriffs.

Children's Room

The second floor has three rooms which were bedrooms for the families. The museum has two of these rooms on the tour. The children’s room has many early toys that include trains, handmade dolls and china head dolls.

Old Jail

​Hendricks County has had four jails in its history with each located in Danville, the county seat. The first two were located on North Washington Street just north of the court house square. The third jail and Sheriff’s Residence was built in 1866 at 170 S. Washington Street.


The​ museum currently has two kitchen displays. Our original display is in the room that was originally the dining room. It connects to the original kitchen through a door on the west wall.

Adult's Room

​This room reflects the lifestyle of men and women in the late 1800s. The bed is typical of those used in the last half of the 19th century. It is higher off the floor than modern beds, keeping the sleeper away from cold drafts. The bed features a feather mattress, or featherbed.

Military Room

The military room is located on the first floor of the residence. The collection has many items from the Civil War, World War I, World War II and the Korean War. A major feature is the Civil War uniform of Col. Abel Streight who escaped from a southern prison camp and with others made his way home to Indiana.

Parlor Room

​Thirty families lived at this former Hendrick’s County Sheriff’s residence. The families brought their own furniture into the home. When the building was turned over to the Historical Society the building was empty.

Changing Exhibit

We’re proud to feature changing exhibits each year. This year focuses on Hendricks County’s Social Organizations and Scouting. In addition to the Brownie Scout items shown here, you will see Girl Scout and Boy Scout items.

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