The Hendricks County Historical Museum has several rooms decorated in the period of early 1900’s, including the kitchen, parlor and bedrooms. Come and experience the rich history of Hendricks County, Indiana.

The following are samples of the many collections within the museum. If you are interested in personally viewing any of these, contact the museum for an appointment

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Calling Cards from Virginia Keeney Coats
  • Mollie E. Deweese
  • Sarah J. Deweese
  • Otta G. Randol
  • Ondis A. Nelson
  • Jessie H. Nelson
  • Eldora Nelson
  • Dr. N. B. Hix Thomashill, MO.
  • Nettie Padgett
  • Jonette G. Ashley
  • David A. Nelson
  • John May
  • W. B. Mix
  • Ottie G. Randol
  • W.F. Nelson
  • Lina Heath
  • Charles W. Powell
  • Amos F. Nelson
  • Ellet Deweese
  • James J Sanders
  • Charles M Deweese
  • R. F. Dancey


  • Many photos of the Nelson, Leach, Leak and Keeney families.
  • Cemetery records (also available at Danville & Plainfield libraries)
  • White Hall One Room
  • Center Township 1900-1903 Grade book with student’s names

Cemetery records (also available at Danville & Plainfield libraries)

Marriage Licenses
  • Joshua M. Brown and Elizabeth Newman, January 24, 1865
  • Sidney H. Warren and Alice Osborne Hendricks County, December 21, 1882
  • Oliver Kennedy to Surelda F. Stewart, Hendricks County, February 21, 1884
  • Henry Hendricls to Pearl Gentry, Hendricks County, February 22, 1911
  • Chester Parker to Lottie Ridgeway, Hendricks County, September 2, 1916
  • Osa S. Dooley to Leona Jane Haynes, Hendricks County, January 20, 1921
Central Normal Digital Collection
  • First Presbyterian Church, Danville
  • Maplewood Christian Church, Maplewood
  • Northview Christian Church, Danville
  • Stilesville Methodist 1903-1912
  • Lake Valley Methodist, Salem Methodist
  • Cherry Grove Methodist – 1903
  • Wesley Chapel Methodist (These are from one minister who had each church on his circuit)
  • Ministers of the White Lick Methodist Circuit 1822-1841
Family Collections
  • Bosstick
  • John Hanson Craig
  • Dooley Family
  • James Elrod Family (Amo & Coatesville) Charles Heckman (Korean War)
  • Paul Herold (World War 1)
  • Ketter Family (World War 11)
  • C. E. Farabee M.D./Smith/Marish, “Doc” Virgil Foster
  • Roy & Frances (Weaver) Fisher Family
  • George Merritt
  • Schuyler Mowrer
  • Amos & Walter Shelton
  • Sam Thompson, Baseball Player

These are records that include office calls as well as many birth records.

  • L. A. Armstrong, Danville
  • B. M. O’Bruinlas, New Winchester (1905)
  • Clark E. Farabee, M. D. *
    Dr. Farabee’s 1894 medical book has been copied and can be see at the museum.
  • Harmon & Harmon (1929)
  • J. F. Ligman, M. D. (1919)
  • T. G. Smith (Brownsburg)
  • E. D. Edmund Storey, M. D.
  • Dr. John Ellett (Coatesville)



Below is a list of all rooms you will find at the museum. Click the buttons below for more details.

Central Normal College

Sheriff's Office

Children's Room

Old Jail


Adult's Room

Military Room

Parlor Room

Changing Exhibit

Available Items

These items are available for purchase at the museum.

Hendricks County – Images of America (books)

These books are a part of the “Images of America” series by Arcadia Publisher.
Gail Tharp and Phyllis Parsons ​co-authored the Hendricks County book and features over 200 pictures from throughout the county.

Plainfield by Reann Poray, Brownsburg by Linda Cook, and Danville by Jeff Baldwin are available at the Hendricks County Museum, Mayberry Cafe Restaurant, Barnes and Noble Bookstores and online (Arcadia or Amazon).

by Gail M. Tharp and Phyllis West Parsons

by Reann Lydick Poray

by Linda Lichte Cook

by Jeffrey K. Baldwin

So Brief A Frontier (book)

A book about Union Township History

by Don Alan Hall

Limited Edition Poster

Local artist, Marti McCoy, has designed a poster for the Hendricks County Museum. This poster features twenty articles from the many items in the museum. A limited number of posters are available for sale at the cost of $25.

by Marti McCoy

Museum Building Ornament


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